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Ron Marvin's studio kicks your McMansion's ass.

There, I said it.

Years ago Met Home did their annual "Winners" issue which features the best of reader's homes. I *still* vividly remember being completely captivated by Ron Marvin's San Francisco apartment because it completely rocked every notion I had about what "good design" was and also how much you needed to spend to get it.

2 things that stuck with me:

1) He didn't spend more than $500 for anything in his place, save for the sofa and bed, I suppose. He doesn't have anything "blue chip" just great finds artfully placed.

2) His fabulous SF home was actually a tiny studio that he made seem like a roomy cottage thanks to smart decorating. In fact, Ron said in the article that most visitors to his tiny studio would come in for the "tour" and they would completely miss the bed. Amazing.

What's more amazing? It seems that he lives in NY now and managed to do the same thing there:

See that in the lower right corner? That's the bed.
So much great stuff, well edited, and perfectly placed.

I guess this is proof I should go easy on Pottery Barn (see 2 posts ago). He was a creative director there for a while, it seems...
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