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Trove - maybe the chicest vintage & antiques store ever.

I just emailed this to a friend:

We have to get our guns and our ski masks and and a getaway car (or truck, in this case) and drive to Laguna Beach, CA *now* and break into this Trove store and steal absolutely everything they have.

I mean it.

I can't even decide what I would grab first? If I were a Hampton's girl (or San Juan Island girl, in my case) and had people chumming up to me for gratis stays every summer, I might like those brutal and sinister lobsters. A kind of "thanks for coming, don't overstay your welcome" gesture.

Or I might be most inclined to take the amazing banquettes. In fact, yes, the banquettes. Heart-stopping.

I'm ready to move into Trove.

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