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Red Ticking

I am a little obsessed with Red Ticking, probably because what Pam (owner) and I like are virtually the same: Vintage things, antique things, belgian linen, flowers, books, weathered old furniture, ridiculously expensive chandeliers, etc etc.

Here's a pic from her store, although the store isn't always so fussy (though this is a kick-ass execution of "fussy," I must say). It's in Madison Park and NOT open Sundays, so plan your trip accordingly. ALWAYS worth a visit. And Apogee, across the street, is also a great place to find something vintage or antique. Not quite the same atmosphere and the aloof owner isn't much help, but you can often uncover a gem there.


Anonymous said...

you are a doll.... come back for a visit anytime!
sincerely, pam

Mark Marino said...

That is really a meticulously arranged room. We can definitely appreciate the details within fantastic decor.

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