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Sweet Jesus, price your stuff right, kids!

Is it me, or is this just a crazy-low price for a Panton chair? So sweet in cherry red, and she's only selling for $30. Snap this up, kids.

The post cracks me up, too.... remind me never to hire her to run my store. She's no profit manager, that's for sure.

Verner Panton crimson chair - $30

This is a Verner Panton chair, two to three years old. I bought it new, on Capitol Hill in Seattle, for $200. The color in the photo looks tomato red. The chair is actually more of a dark, candy-apple red, and the coating has a metallic sheen to it.

That sheen is marred in some places by little scratches and dents in the finish. So I am going to sell this chair for $30. I have seen these chairs in white and orange, but never in metallic red. Dimensions are: 33.5 inches high; width 20 inches; depth of chair, 20 inches. The seat is 18 inches from the floor.

If this chair appeals to you, you can have it for $30 and I think we’ll both be happy! If you really like this chair and are wondering if you could get it for $20, the answer is, yes, so long as you are a starving student, etc. Then you can have it for free. If you just need a better bargain, you might be able to find this same chair at the Bellevue Goodwill. That’s where it will be within a week if no one wants it for $30. Call 425-649-0284 ot 425-891-2611.

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