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Why my obsession with alabaster lamps???

Maybe because Pam, owner of Seattle's gorgeous store Red Ticking insists on selling a teeny tiny matching pair of alabaster lamps for $895. Who are these women who buy them at that price rather than brave the treacherous waters of Ebay?

Not I.

I have lost - count 'em - FIVE recent auctions for the lamps. I guess because I refuse to set my high bid ahead of time. Too painful to type in $175 (I like a bargain after all) and then I am always doing something stupid like peeing or sitting in a staff meeting when I get outbid and then it's just too late.

Do you have an ebay heartache story? Or a return-to-that-stall flea market loss to report here? I once passed up some water glasses with ironic mustachioed gay-porn-looking men printed on them and went back to get them after all and they were GONE. Who else in Seattle would want them? Dirk Diggler, I guess. My fiance just looks at me when I miss out on something now and mutters "man glasses," and my heart floods with sadness all over again.

Share your pain. And now cross your fingers that I will win my alabaster lamps once and for all tonight, when it's just me, the laptop, a bottle of wine and and "ending-soon" style auction for some wimpy, chipped, alabaster treasures.


Anne said...

Oh, oh, Ebay. The vintage 1940 Bakelite telephone that would have been PERFECT for my lovely little (pretty much) mint 1938 flat in San Francisco. How the loss of that phone pains me. Not to mention that there is exactly 1 phone jack in the place, nestled in a tiny indented shelf in the hallway where clunky 1960's dial phone will not fit. Not for anything. It would be like trying to squeeze a size 10 butt into a size 4 pair of jeans.

Dating said...

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