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Flea market finds in Buenos Aires

The photo above can only be described as inducing the biggest flea market hard-on ever.
Go ahead, click to enlarge to see all these tasty flea market finds in their supersized glory.

At the San Telmo Flea Market in Buenos Aires I found amazing salvaged brass handles, nameplates, and feet (for furniture). I scored a "CARTES" mail slot like the one you see here and also picked up a number of brass plates salvaged from a boat. One said "TORPEDO ROOM." Another said "FIRST CLASS ONLY."

It just DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THAT. If you are a flea market addict like I am, these are the things wet dreams are made of.

I also scored 4 great vintage photos (why I didn't buy the whole box is beyond me since in Argentina one dollar could practically buy you a new suit. Or something. Anyway...).

People in nearby Uruguay are seriously addicted to drinking yerba mate, so finding a vintage photo of a dad drinking it with his retro-sleek hair was a big victory.

I also LOVE that I found the photo (posting it soon...for some reason it wants to upload sideways.. I think using a computer is at times like bending spoons with your mind. Argh... but I digress.) of a family where you can clearly see the shadow of the photographer in the frame. I have a collection now of 5 vintage photos with this error in it. I just love it. Welcome to amateur hour. This is one of many reasons why vintage photos make my heart sing.

Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colonia, Uruguay are freaking fantastic places. Go now while it's still a bargain.

The shopping in neighborhoods Palermo Viejo, Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho are definitely all they are cracked up to be.

La Mersa, below, was really a great find. It wasn't in my trusty wallpaper guide. It should be. The photo doesn't seem to convey the real flavor of the merchandise, which was a lot of mid-century and beyond, but not in a starchy cold way like Paul McCobb, but in a warn and fabulous way. Everything in the store was amazing.

This store, below, went up in likee 3 days while I was there. Pink. Pink. Pink. I love it.


Hollister H. Hovey said...

This all just looks incredible! Now you're really got me excited to visit. What a great tip about Uruguay, as well. I'm hoping to take about 9 days and spend a couple horseback riding on an hacienda as well. I love your blog to death. Thank you so much for checking mine out -- and many thanks to Habitually Chic for getting this ball rolling!

karina said...

I did not realized that you have been at Buenos Aires!
I was just thinking about going or not to San Telmo tomorrow!

decorno said...

Yep - I love it there sooo much! I can't wait to go back. I also want to spend more time in Uruguay.

Do you live in BA?

Tara.Fields said...

San Telmo flea market, eh? I'm going to Argentina next month and hope it's going when I'm there. Whee!

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