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How to do Ikea

There's a big difference between the style you'll see in American decorno mags and UK decorno mags and I think in a weird way the test is how they do Ikea.

In the US, people try to up-market Ikea and that gets weird. I think Ikea for certain basics is great. I swear by the white dishes and the glasses since they are cheap and you can go ahead and break them. I think you can also get a good lamp here and there and even good rugs, especially sisal (very good deals there... why bother with Pottery Barn's sisal at their price?).

But some people will buy, like, an old country hutch and it just looks weird. Too new to be country-ish and it's just off.

In UK design mags, there can be that cheap look. Living, etc. is one example. (I'm not a fan.) However, Elle Decor UK shows this perfect low-brow, but high-minded aesthetic with elements of Ikea punching it up, or laying the foundation.

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