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Hungarian Baby Bath - Lost & Found

Finally. I ordered one (from Garnett Hill, I admit it) because I saw it in Blueprint and it was just really charming and I had never seen them before. Well, I had all kinds of problems with them... let's just say I won't shop with them again. When they finally shipped, UPS then wouldn't leave it for me. I work, so I can't really tell the boss I need to be home on such and such day to sign for my Hungarian baby bath, so back it went to Garnett Hill and I just didn't have time then to deal with it.

So yesterday, I am returning from some tiny town near the Washington/Canada border (at step-kid's baseball tournament)... I pull over because I am actually so tired I think I might fall asleep at the wheel and then I see all kinds of signs: ANTIQUES.


I pulled off onto the exit for La Conner, a notorious antiques kind of town. Those signs are my kryptonite. And there I found this little gem... pretty much exactly what I wanted (except I am not fond of the blue paint on the stand... that can be fixed). I plan to fill it up with ice and load it up with a bunch of beer & soda in there for the day we finally fix up the backyard and have people over.

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