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Just because you like old & rustic doesn't mean it has to be Grandma-chic...

The room to the left is a great example of mixing old elements (fireplace), rustic ones (the humble wooden stool) and a new traditional chair and having the result be really fresh.

I *love* old stuff with some utility (past or present, anyway). For example, I found old branding irons at a flea market and just loved them but I had no idea how I would use them. On their own they can seem way to cowboy, but on a spare and empty creme wall mounted in 3s or 5s, it could really graphic and tough and cool.

It really does go back to buying what you love. I am glad everyone is having so much fun with hollywood regency, but as a look it's going to get so dated so fast. Luckily, some of those elements can be broken up and moved around your house one everyone realizes their homes have become bad imitations of good Kelly Wearstler or Ruthie Sommers. It just proves out that you have to love all your pieces and trust a look of your own to come through as a result.

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