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Ok, I am going to post a lot today...

I haven't been keeping up, and then I went to Argentina and Uruguay, so I am just really behind.

At a tiny boutique on Orcas Island (San Juan Island, Washington state) I found this Ambre. It's tree sap that's blended with perfume and then hardened into these little jewels. It smells like a heady mix of baby power and Jil Sander No. 4, which is kind of a really disturbing mix of innocence and dominatrix and rich bitch. No matter. I love it. Plus it's gorgeous. Here you see it in the box. I happen to keep a bunch in the well of a vintage scale I bought at that ghetto flea market in Paris (not Port du Vanves, which I love, this one is further out and sells more socks and car parts than vintage photos and the whatnot).

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