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Our backyard.

Our backyard is so ghetto, we've joked that we should just go with it and have people over and insist everyone wears wife beaters and drinks Rolling Rock and Pabst and we'll make pretty wind chimes out of empty Bud cans.

We have no fence of our own. We have 5 - - yes, FIVE - - kinds of fence, because our non-fence situation means that all of our neighbors' fences become ours by default. Sooooo, we have a little picket. We have the basic wood slat kind. And we even have a new fence with copper post caps that just kind of laughs at us and the other fences. And then in one part, the fence decayed so badly, it just fell over. That 5 foot part has been removed and now we just have a little portable wire doggy play-pen thingy that folds into a zigzag and keep our dog from migrating into our neighbor Wally's backyard.

But slowly, I am trying to import some cuteness.

Take this flea market find, the artichoke garden ornament (Ack! I can't get the photo to upload... stay tuned, photo to come soon...). And the scratch-and-dent teak table from David Smith & Co, purveyors of great deals on teak outdoor furniture (if you haven't been and you live in Seattle, GO. It's great).

And there are also the potted plants and, especially, the jasmine. At City People garden shop, when I confessed I killed boxwood (he just shook his head and asked how... he then guessed I overwatered it. In Seattle. WTF is wrong with me??), he told me I should plant jasmine in my big pots and he promised they would smell amazing. They do. He was right. City People are always right, I am learning.

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robyn said...

I think you have a cute back yard, there's so much you can do with your space.

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