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Remember when Madonna was AWESOME? circa "Vogue" years...

Courtesy of Alan Light via flickr.


Nick said...

Hi Decorno, Nick here. True story: the only bit of my old studio not captured in Domino was the life-size photo of Madonna hitchhiking in nothing but lucite heels and a purse, hanging to the right of my fireplace. J'accuse, Domino?? Nope - Madge owns the rights and apparently didn't want her kooter shown in the pages of a home mag. Talk about Decorno!!

Decorno said...

Oh god, I love that story. I am enjoying the thought of that pop campiness in your old place.

You know, reports have it that her bathroom looks like a chemistry lab. If I were Madge, I would want my circa 90s perfect-condition hot kooter plastered everywhere possible... especially while my quickly-wilting 50 year old face is gracing every magazine and celeb rag on newsstands today.

I still love the old bag, though.

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