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Rick Owens. The designer for girls who aren't sweet.

I am getting really tired of being asked to pay $98 for a knit top at Anthropologie that I could have stitched together from Old Navy cast offs. Withering, shapeless cotton. Seriously? I would gladly pay $200 and up for pieces that are thoughtful, fit well, and will work season to season, but the "t-shirt dressing" phenomenon that we can blame labels like C&C california has spawned a generation of girls who look sloppy and shapeless. I like the volume trend, but it's hard to do. And then you see people wearing the empire-waist trend who shouldn't. I shouldn't and so I don't. I have breasts. This means that anything in this construction will just make me look pregnant. And I am not the only one.

I think all the girls out there need to collectively hold hands and say, "Nope. Thanks Nordstrom/Anthro/Urban/etc etc for your dumpy & cheaply made t-shirt-y tops and dresses. No thanks. I could buy four of those and look retarded in them, or I could buy one Rick Owens piece and rock my world every day that I happen to shimmy into it."

You can see Rick Owens at


robyn said...

you are hilarious and I totally agree once again! you would love my friend megan (beachbunaglow8) and she you. said...

Aw shucks... :)

That's so funny about the Megan connection here... I already love her (well her blog, anyway, since I have never met her). I actually sent her an email with a subject line "goveling for your love" asking if she wouldn't mind trading links on our blog rolls. I owe about half my traffic to her. And she also owes my company about 20 minutes every day, since that's what I seem to squander on her excellent blog and all her links.

Robyn, I should know this, but which blog is yours? I keep clicking on your profile to find a link to your blog and, well, you're a woman of mystery.

robyn said...

No, I'm not. Actually gardenrooms is my blog, so we've traded posts before. Gardens are kind of low key to post on compared to home decor and fashion.
Megan and I have been friends for about 7 years, many fun times... she's great! I know she'd appreicate
your humor and sense of style. She's the one who introduced me to blog's, she kindly wrote a post on earth day about my business for sfgirlbybay. said...

Ah - got it! Sorry... in the flurry of the gane of tag and discovering new blogs, I got a little confused.

katiedid said...

Thanks for the info! I am an Old Navy officianado when it comes to T's. Somehow they are able to come up with stylish casual clothes that don't break the bank. But when it comes to something special, I would rather have something like the Owen's stuff you are showing.:)

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