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Tag - I'm it!

Alrighty then... looks like I have been recruited for a game of blog tag. (I know... I didn't know what it was either...).

Fabulous Robyn of tagged me and now she says I get to tell 8 random things about myself and then list 8 blogs I love... I then need to go tell those bloggers that tag, they're it. Simple. Fun. And a cool way to find other blogs about things we love (or should).

Here goes:

1) I drank gasoline when I was 3 and lived to tell. My fiance likes to think this is the root of all my weirdness.

2) I am probably the only person on the west coast who does not like sushi.

3) I never went anywhere until I was 30... realizing I was feeling awefully provincial, I applied for an emergency passport and booked a trip to Paris last April. I arrived on my birthday and I must say, if you want to deal with a tough milestone like 30 (or 40 or 50) just decide to wake up in a city of your dreams and all your fears of wrinkles and aging just disappear like magic.

4) I actually like my fiance's ex-wife. She's very cool. I am even thinking we should all go on a group vacation. Shocking, huh?

5) I met my best friend on craigslist. And my fiance. I fully believe that you should just post for friends like a help-wanted ad. You truly get what you want.

6) My Ipod is mostly set to The Twilight Singers, Mindy Smith, and Liz Phair.

7) The most beautiful places I have been to are Paris, San Juan Island (in Washington State) and Colonia, Uruguay.

8) I think Marc Jacobs was hotter when he was all shlubby and wore the nerdy glasses. But I would still take the new Marc any day of the week. Too bad he is NOT interested. Sigh.

Here are the 8 blogs I love:

At Home At Home
Beach Bungalow 8
Belle Vivre
Girl Meets Glamour
Kaite Did
Style Court
The Blackberrie - Fashion & Commentary
Oh Happy Day


robyn said...

That post is so cute and funny (I don't like sushi either).

katiedid said...

Thanks for the tag! And thanks for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate it! Your blog is fab and now that I know you are here, I will visit often! I just posted a tag list of personal facts right before the latest post, so I will refer you to that. :) Gasoline?!? If I had been your Mom, I think I would have expired!

girl meets glamour said...

Yah thanks for the tag as well. And for linking me up to your blog too :) Love your sense of style, and great to learn a bit more about you! Have a good weekend.


beachbungalow8 said...

hey you! i loved hearing those tidbits. cracked me up. however....i have already been tagged. and no way does anyone want to hear 8 more things that verify my odd bird-ness.

i will take this moment to say i love your blog and your writing style. your sense of humor is right on the mark. i think we'd probably be bffs in the real world. said...

Ms. Beach Bungalow, stop it! No you're the best.. YOU'RE THE BEST. :) Seriously, you're my favoritist blog ever. Decor8 is great but more like an encyclopedia and a little short on personality. Yours, well, I feel like I know the kind of cool chick you are just reading your blog.

Looks like the love is mutual, dahling.

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