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Vanessa Seward of Azzaro is chicer than we'll ever be.

Like Sofia Coppola, Vanessa Seward is really too cool. She's got the dream job (designing for fashion label Azzaro) and she's got the weird/cool Euro-hipster boyfriend who looks like the kind of guy your divorced mother fucked (semi)secretly back in the 70s. He's like 31 going on 48, in terms of style aesthetic, yet he drives the vintage fab car and he's just awesome.

Oh, as an added bonus, Ms. Seward is 36, which makes me so, so, so happy because I am going through that whole I am 31 and my youth is over phase. If this is what 36 can look like, I am set.

If you click the images, they will enlarge (magic, I tell you) and I *think* you can read the text.

Thanks Bazaar mag for the images. These are intended solely for commentary purposes. Everyone go out and buy a subscription to Bazaar. It's always worth it.

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