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Are candles the new cats?

Seriously... someone said that recently. As though candle-obsessed women (now that you can buy them everywhere from 7-11 to Duane Reade to high end stores...) are like old women with a house full of cats.

I like unscented church pillar types in winter to give the house a glow, but if I want something with a kick, I go for this. Archipelago Havana. So smoky and spicy and masculine and yummy.

What are your favorites? Any Dyptique fans? Is it worth the $50?


franki durbin said...

ha! Let's see...both require being cleaned up after (the litter box vs. the wax), both are relatively low maintenance and do nothing most of the time... I see a few similarities there. ;)

girl meets glamour said...

This is probably the best statement I've heard in a while! Great post :)


the House of Beauty and Culture said...

I used to love Diptyque nigh on 20 yrs now - but now that it is soooo readily available I am ready for a change. Difficult since I tend to use them seasonally -
Violet, Lilac, and Lily of the Valley in the Spring.
New Mown Hay and Verbena in the Summer.
Oak, Honey, and Quince in the Fall.
Heliotrope, Myrrh, and Clove Tree in the Winter.
Baroque and whorish, I know - but its home. said...

Franki - you crack me up! I didn't even make the requires-cleaning-up connection. :)


beachbungalow8 said...

awesome comparison. you certainly can smell both upon entering a home.

Brilliant Asylum said...


I just discovered your blog and love it! said...

I am a candle snob, only white and Ikea fits the bill for CC - Cheap Chic candles.

Anonymous said...

Samantha from Sex and the City said in one episode "Women with candles are the new women with cats!"

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