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Back to civilization.

I am back from my extended weekend with my mom (and my fiance who joined me on Friday) on San Juan Island.

We camped at Lakedale Resort which is my kind of camping. You're just a 10 minute walk from the "General Store" which sells wine, coffee and candy bars. That's about as hardcore as I can get outdoors. The market on the way into town is also pretty much as good as you would find in Seattle, so of course we packed camping essentials like fajita fixings and eclairs. That's how we roll, yo. Of course, it wasn't until it was too late that we found out about the "canvas cabins" they now have at Lakedale. We could have avoided the hassle of a tent by sleeping in one of these:

The San Juans, if you're not from the NW, are a small group of islands off the coast of Northern Washington State, not too far from Canada, really. In the way that we think of New England as being classic American coastal living, so are the San Juans. The Island are big enough to sustain small farms (mostly gentlemen's farms of really essential crops like wine grapes and lavendar and then other farms raising essential animals like... alpacas). The place is really gorgeous.

The Town of Friday Harbor is the kind of town the rest of the islanders hate on since it's somewhat touristy, but at least the crowds are concentrated so the islanders can go about their business elsewhere on San Juan, Lopez, and Orcas Islands.

The antiques shop on the island is called Funk & Junk, an admittedly riciculous name, but there are some good finds, always. I somehow, heartbreakingly, left without buying the old metal "ST CATHERINE'S HOTEL BUS STOP" sign, which used to queue up the line at the hotel on Catalina island off of California. I love how junk just gets around. I also passed on 8 perfect linen napkins, mostly on principle. Everything there is a tad overpriced. Oh well.

I am confident I will regret passing on the bus sign. Maybe I will call, pay, and ask them to hold until I return.

We checked out Roche Harbor (below) and had drinks outside on the deck. They have made so many improvements over the last few years. It might actually be overdeveloped now... but on an island that doesn't have too many really nice amenities, it's pretty much the jewel of the place. Worth going, for sure.

You good people left 8 very nice comments about my Jil Sander rant... that was very sweet to come home to. I am glad I didn't bore you will my tale.

What did everyone do this weekend? It rained on SJI, so it's cold and damp here. It's that almost-fall feeling. I am sure you all sat around in the sun and worked on your tans in CA, and Texas and everywhere else.

2 comments said...

I Love the San Juan. We used to have a weekend home on Saturna Island which is in Canada a stone's throw from the San Juans.
Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

beachbungalow8 said...

i fried this weekend at the beach. cheap sun block.

my friend grew up on the san juan islands. and i used to work for gary larson who also lived there. all good peeps who loved it too.

hey, will you send me an email again, i need to give you some info.

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