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DEAR ABBY (DECORNO VERSION): What to put on my walls?

New decor blogger Marissa asks:

I am in desperate need of things to cover the walls in my apt. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and the walls are blank and a lot of my personal art is "too girly". We have a beautiful hugo guiness drawing that we bought together- but that is it. crazy. so im trying to think of some inexpenisve solutions (this is only a rental, so we cant paint the walls unfortunately). The wall over the sofa is my main concern because the ceiling is really high - like 20 ft. I was thinking maybe something like this - just purchasing the frames from pottery barn and maybe using some personal photos of sunsets in different color ranges. is that cheesy? Any other suggestions?

Image from Domino mag, by way of Marissa's blog,


the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Given the scope of this pic - try the 4 pictures in a horizontal above the sofa and then find something on a larger scale to centre on the space between the sconces - needn't be a picture it could be a sculpture or simply a sculptural object.

Cote de Texas said...

My favorite thing right now is the collection of birds from Anthropolgie. They are all different sizes, some large, some small. I've noticed the collection in two different magazine layouts lately. I think they're fabulous and only wish I had a blank wall above a sofa to use them.


Habitually Chic said...

I always frame photos from my travels and very often in Pottery Barn frames. It's personal and then you get to tell everyone you took them yourself and describe where you were and about your adventures. You can start with something like that while you add to your art collection. I bought a bunch of vintage watercolors on ebay and then framed them in old frames I found at the flea market. You can even buy artist's canvas and paint them yourself. Be creative and have fun! said...

Get a beautiful panel of fabric, hang it on a dowel behind your sofa. Inexpensive and later you can use the fabric for something else.

Marissa said...

thanks for all the amazing ideas! (thanks for the help decorno) great blog- btw. hmm...which one to do?

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