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I'd rather be here today than at work.

Photo snatched from cool blog


Haphazardkat said...

Amen to that! Although that looks suspiciously like there might be scary jungle spiders that would hide under the sheets... Brrrr.

I'm blog hopping and found yours! Love it :D Sepcially the post about Charlotte Moss's rich bitch power hair...HA HA HA

girl meets glamour said...

Yeah me too! But as long as the insects don't eat me alive!


franki durbin said...

hey - when did you drop by and take a photo of my office? LOL.

yes, I think we'd all rather be there (or in Belize) than in an office. I'm at least grateful I'm self employed and can avoid hours in a cube farm :)

katiedid said...

Sigh...if only!

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