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Uh-oh... we've become THOSE people.

Oh snap! Ye olde fiance bought us an Xterra since we both drive retarded cars. He drives an Audi TT and I drive a VW bug, so we both have cute little round cars that don't really help us when we're driving around with his awesome 12 year old son... especially when said kid is now bigger than me. The back seat of an Audi TT is nothing but the waiting room for your next clausterphobia attack. And there is no way I was giving up the front seat to accomodate his growing-every-day strapping blond Teutonic kid. Nuh uh. So Jon was thinking of selling the Audi, and getting a new, bigger sedan-ish convertible kind of car to satisfy his car lust, but here's the thing: I am not even a car person, but I really think the Audi TT is a classic in the making. I didn't think Jon should give up his beloved ride. So we got an old Xterra, but now we are the 3 person house with 3 cars. What is wrong with us?*

HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS! Sorry environment, but I am *THRILLED* that we added this brawny treasure to our sorry street-parking-only trove because now I actually have a vehicle with which to haul home antiques and junk. Seriously, I look at that evil SUV and swoon with the thought of all the Fremont Market loot I can bring home now.

Greed conquers guilt one more time. Shame on me.

* I can't drive a stick. This might answer "why don't you sell the bug." I am a big ninny and for the life of me, I can't learn to drive one. Right after I am done learning French, I swear I will learn to drive a stick. In the meantime, when Jon has to haul Nick and friends to games, etc. he has to have the Xterra at his disposal. I suppose I could sell the bug and bus to work. I might consider that actually.... greed beats guilt only for a moment... and then I have to wrestle with having a small fleet of gas hogs sitting outside of my house. Oy.


becoming-home said...

Oh, this is TOO wierd..

When Jeff and I moved to florida, we moved from NYC and didn't have cars, so we bought my sister's stick shift bug which I was supposed to learn to drive and he was going to get a new car..well I never learned to drive a stupid stickshift and we ended up buying (guess what?) an xterra!

Its a good car other than being a bit of a gas guzzler and having NO pick up.. (seriously, I dare you to pass anyone on the highway!) but I really enjoy it otherwise.

And one of these days I too plan on learning to drive a stick shift..maybe.

(BTW, me not learning to drive stick totally bit me in the ass. Jeff didn't want to drive the bug b/c he said it was "girly" so he sold the bug and bought a piece of crap jeep for $3k that we have since sunken about $10k of repairs into. UGH!) said...

That's a crack up! I haven't driven the xterra yet, so I have yet to experience the no-pick-up action. I drive like an old lady anyway, so I am used to people passing me.

Wheelchair said...

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