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What are your favorite design/decor books?

Let's trade lists. I have some favorites, but I need new inspiration. Here's one rule, however: No one is allowed to add that new Florence Broadhurst. It's kind of like how they just give you RSTLNE on Wheel of Fortune. We know you're gonna say it, so let me just name it now as everyone's gimme.

Below are my current faves. I can't wait to see your lists in return.

(Just added based on recommendation in the comments section offered up by GirlMeetsGlamor. This book looks so great.)

(Yeah, yeah... I know it looks like shameless commerce to actually embed little "buy it now" links to Amazon, but I always wondered how the Associates program works and here was my chance to test it. It's pretty cool. Here's a link to it if you want to add buy links to your page and make some cold, hard cash to fund your decor and book addiction: Join Associates. I was stunned how easy it was to sign up and get the code to paste into Le Blog. Enjoy.)


Brilliant Asylum said...

I love all of the Slim Aarons books. I know they are not really design books, but they are great inspiration.

girl meets glamour said...

Um, well I was a little late on getting Rooms to Inspire by Annie Kelly, and I just love all the images and find it to be a great source for my blog. Oh, and I preorder the Ruthie Sommer's book and can't wait for that to come in Nov....just seems so far way. Great post by the way, and thanks for showing your favs.


Mrs. Blandings said...

If you don't have the Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations book by the late Roger Banks Pye there is a huge hole in your life and you don't even know it. You, lover of ribbon, must own this book. Now. I bet you can get it gently used for under $10. Mariette Himes Gomez, Rooms - fab. And I want the big, fat Parish Hadley book, but don't want to fork over 200 clams. But I will. I'm just that way.

Cote de Texas said...

Hey, I guess I just made you a 10% commission on the first book. great idea btw.

I love all the usual books, Stefanidis, Williams, Saladino, et al. I do have one guilty pleasure: Laurie Smith's Discovering Home. She's the only decent designer? on Trading Spaces and this book chronicles the remodeling and furnishing over her new home. It's filled with huge pictures and tips and I really enjoyed those kinds of remodeling books. Anyway, like a said, guilty pleasure, but I loved it.

Rockin' the brown said...

Axel Vervoordt!

mamacita said...

I can second the Laurie Smith recommendation. You'd be really surprised. Bright Young Things is a guilty pleasure, too.

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