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Get dressed to shop. Get free stuff. Simple as that.

I am a big believer in getting dressed to shop. There is no question you get better service. Plus, if you pull yourself together and have a great "try on" outfit, you can slip in and out of pumps easily in a fitting room, and since you kind of have your game on, you have a kind of aesthetic and emotional armor against the "boy I am a fat fuck in this 3 way mirror" feeling.

My point is this: Nordstrom, which has its flagship store in downtown Seattle, is remodeling pretty much every portion of the first floor one section at a time, which is creating quite a mess. I ran in this weekend to buy MAC "Capricious" lipstick (Nordstrom was out of stock for the 3rd time in a row... Note to Nordstrom, go ahead and stock up on lipstick. It's offensive that you can stock 20 YSL bags and not keep enough $15 tubes of warpaint on your shelves. Get it together.)

Anyhoo, I got cornered in construction area and tried to make a break for it in the perfume aisle. I just wanted to get the hell out. No such luck. I was blocked and cornered by 2 perfume ladies.

I know what you are thinking... "Argh, pesky perfume ladies." But, no. This is the part I love. The Nordstrom perfume ladies** - if you look like you are even *kind* of trying to pull your look together - they SHOWER you with samples. Not "I am going to attack you with my sprayer" action, but seriously grab handfuls of those little sample vials and keep shoving them in your shopping bag.

I love that. I really do.

I got a stash of Hermes, Chanel, Hanae Mori (too vanilla-y, but oh well), and, finally, Bulgari Rose Essentielle.

For the 9 of you who loved my ode to Jil Sander, I have something very, very serious to confess: I just found my new favorite. I can't even describe this Bulgari business. It's not bitchy like Jil Sander and it's not rich-bitch/ball-buster-smelling at all. It's just really elegant and classic and not like overly commercial scents you catch an overwhelming whiff of when you open the bulging fall issues of fashion magazines.

It's just... perfect.

Moral: I was glad I got dressed up to shop. I don't think the Nordstrom girls take the time to load you up with samples when you're rocking a tragic Juicy tracksuit circa 2000* and schlepping around in flip flops.

*For the record, I have never owned Juicy anything. This is a point of pride.

**People like to bag on Nordstrom service these days, but I don't get it. I called ahead to have them bring some recently-altered jeans to me curbside on a weeknight so that I wouldn't have to park downtown and all I got was a "yes ma'am," and perfect service. NORDSTROM AS A DRIVE THROUGH. It doesn't get better than that.


Sugar Mama said...

I am one of your lurkers coming out of the closet (so to speak) to tell you that YOU RULE! You are so funny and so right on. That is just in general, but in relation to this post, I have experienced the perfume sample magic myself. It pays to not wear a ball cap when you shop. Amen sister. said...

Yes, exactly! No ball caps. Caps are a cop out for not drying your hair on a weekend. And even if you're not inclined to wash your hair on a weekend, a messy chignon is better than a cap, right?

And yay! Finally another lurker speaks up. :) I am glad you read ye olde Decorno.

Suzy said...

Good for you, personally I can never be bothered, but maybe I'll give it a go. I certainly have noticed a difference of attitude in Harvey Nicholls here from Friday nights after-work attire, to my usual sloppy Saturday self...

PS that perfume sounds lovely, I will need to go check that out!

beachbungalow8 said...

here's what i don' t get, how do you deal with over the counter perfumes? the die out quickly and leave a certain, i don't know 'cheap over the counter scent' i

i have this perfume. i love it in the first moments. but then...not so much.

i'm a perfume snob.i just am. i totally think smell is subjective. however, i think you get what you pay for.

beachbungalow8 said...

ok, wait, i'm shoveling the words back into my mouth. i didn't see that it was the 'essential'and not the ovah the counter business.

Mrs. Blandings said...

You are right on the money - as usual. And Jo Malone Orange Blossom makes me happy every morning, though I will have to switch to something a little heavier soon. sigh.

JJ said...

I have never felt as sexy, loved, rich, brilliant and admired as when I first began wearing Prada's scent. The Nordstrom gals fell all over me when I was buying it. They gave me a special Prada parfum carrying pouch and all the Prada swag they had on hand. I was sold. said...

sexy, loved, rich, brilliant

JJ - *That* should be the title of your memoirs. You don't need Nordstrom girls to make you feel like that. You are freaking sexy, loved, rich, brilliant. Everyone knows this.

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