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Ah. Finally. I love central Oregon, but one week is about 3 days too much for me. So happy to be home, my home, my stuff, my neighborhood.

I spoke too soon telling someone it would be the first summer there with no wildfires in sight. There was a bunch of lightening that set off a 1300 acre fire near Black Butte. Ash, literally, fell from the sky (a tiny bit, but still...) while people were golfing, swimming and basically ignoring the smoke-induced eclipse.

(Um, not the real fire. Just a super-dramatic representation ripped off from the web.)

The house is somehow a wreck, even though it's been empty all week. Dog hair seems to have created a union because it's all magically clumpted together along the sides of the hardwood-floored rooms. Flies have also taken over. We have a swarm of about seven. What were they all doing here while we were gone. Probably watching cable and drinking beer. Or something.

Time to open the windows, put golf clubs and board games away, light a candle to mask the must until the open windows do the trick. And then it's off to get fresh flowers to replace the ones that died (I was pretty lazy not to toss them before I left), and then settle in for fall. After tomorrow, summer for all intents and purposes will start to come to an end.

I might even water the lawn tonight to get a head start. Don't tell the Sierra Club.


Cote de Texas said...

There's no place like home. seriously - isn'r that cliche the most truest of words?

JJ said...

This is the very last week-long vacation you can ever take. I insist that you stay in Seattle and play henceforth. said...

JJ - you have to come with me next time. It's too boring without you.

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