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Montlake walk.

The cutest house in Montlake. No, it's not mine. I love the colors, and those copper rain chain thingies. Plus, this house looks amazing every day of the year. You can click on this and all images below to see the huge photo and all detail.

I snapped a few photos in my neighborhood today to get ideas for some landscaping improvments. Montlake, a neighborhood in Seattle, has pretty casual landscaping. Everything grows a little too well in the northwest, so yards can get a little overgrown. I think we like them that way. We can't grow really lush grass under our massive cedar tree because the soil is highly acidic and the trees drops cones and weird seeds all the time. It's a nightmare. So, I wanted to take a picture of some moss (in Maggie's yard... she's a landscaper, no less) that I like. Here are other highlights:

Although my fiance is doing a pretty amazing job fighting the odds and growing grass under our massive cedar, I think someday we should give up and grow this moss.

Some Montlakers think the parking strip is just a p-patch for community supported agriculture. Today I was surprised to see pumpkins growing next to a telephone pole.

Everyone is a Mariners fan in Seattle.... Montlakers, especially, since we have a recently retired and beloved Mariner living in our 'hood. This car, though, is a fixture and to see the sun gleaming off of it in summertime just makes me so happy. Can you even imagine riding around in this, taking your grandkid to Safeco Field to see a game? Dude, *that* is why we all work so hard, so we can enjoy this kind of easy living. I love it. I am getting a classic car when I turn 40.

This dahlia is sponsored by Miracle Grow. Holy fuck, the thing is seriously as big as a volleyball. I had no idea you could grow them this tall and large.

I love these. There are 2 in the neighborhood. Someone just nailed it up one day, a gentle, neighborly way to say, "Oh, did you forget your doggie bag? You don't want to leave that shit right there, do you?? We didn't think so. Enjoy!"

I like their parking strip. I am not sure I have the energy to make this happen, though. I would be content to just be able to get gree grass to grow on ours.


beachbungalow8 said...

i thought you lived in oregon?

my sister just moved from seattle. love it there. said...

I grew up in Oregon, and I spend a week there on vacation every summer, but I live in Seattle now. I've lived in Seattle for 5 years.

Seattle took some getting used to, but I love Portland and Seattle about the same now, which is to say, a lot.

Megan - I just replied to your comment re: blog swap meet. Check it out and let me know what you think.

robyn said...

I love these pics and you're a such an entertaining writer. Nice garden shots Lainey :)

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