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Most wanted:

Just scored this Serpui Marie bag. Yum.

Must have these YSL shoes.

Most of you know my position on the Tory Burch Reva (her signature flat). It's been over for a long time. And Tory's fall like was like a vomit-y palatte of 70s neutrals. Ick. But spring? That's when Tory does her thing. I want this whole look:

Also, this bag, I am telling you, everyone in NY will be carrying it next June. Except me. Because I don't want to carry it if everyone else has it. That's just how I roll, yo.


JJ said...

I plan to distract you with a pedicure and then steal that bag from you... said...

I knew I couldn't trust you.

When are these pedis happening tomorrow?

Brilliant Asylum said...

I missed your thoughts on the Reva flat--not a fan? I tried a pair on, but that disc on top felt like it was going to be a problem.

Glad to see Tory is breaking out some cute clothes for spring. I was not ready to give up on her yet. said...

Hola Asylum -

Here was the post that contained my thoughts on the Reva:

I think Tory is a smart cookie. I wasn't ready to give up on her, either. Pictures of her spring collection are up on now. Worth a peek to see that slideshow.

beachbungalow8 said...

hate the reva flat. blah. suburban blah. way over rated.

i was actually giving up on tory. although i like 'her'. i just felt her stuff was looking too dusty and boring. looked like it might smell like yesterday's halston.

good to know that she's gettin' jiggy with it though.

Iheartfashion said...

Sooooo sick of the Reva flats in all their many incarnations...too suburban mommy in a Volvo.

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