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Sand Point Antique & Design Market dates announced


Update - next show is Sunday April 5th, 2008. Should be awesome with great vintage and antique garden stuff. I can't wait!


The elusive Sand Point Antique & Design Market show dates have been announced. Next show is Sunday Oct 14th, 2007.

The following show wil be Sunday, Dec 2nd, 2007. I cannot wait.

Early buyers get in for $10 from 8 - 10am... admission after that is $6.

The Sand Point show is the best antiques show in Seattle. Pay more to go early and get the good stuff. In the past I got a beautiful painting, a long, narrow antique wooden box with dovetail joinery that I now use under a console table to hide sneakers and flop flops and other "go-to-the-store" emergency shoes and whatnot. I also got an excellent and weird coin counter thingy... sounds dumb, but it's a flat piece of wood and is very graphic and hangs on our walls. Anyway, Sand Point is great, great, great. If you live in the northwest, it's really worth the early wake up call to check it out.


JJ said...

My housewarming is the night before but I'd really like to go. said...

Housewarming? You totally weren't going to invite me, huh?

Heh, heh.

I think you will be too tired to go the next day. You don't like waking up at 7am even if you *didn't* host a major event at your house the night before.

I hope you're billing this as a "stock-the-bar" party. You'll make a big, drunken killing and you won't have to buy vodka for a year (as long as you keep me away from your supply, that is).

JJ said...

7am? You get up at 7am for this? I am truly not worthy of reading Decorno.

coco+kelley said...

DAH! This is the weekend before I'm going to be there! How painful. Perhaps I'll have to reschedule my flight...

Anonymous said...

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Deb K said...

Hi - I'm the admin of the blog for the Sand Point Antique & Design Market. I was running a Google search and your posts came up... and I thought you'd want to know about the blog, the show on December 6th 2009, and that the 2010 schedule has been released.Check the blog for more info!

I was also wondering if maybe you'd do another post about the December 6th 2009 show? I'm trying to help Dennis spread the word about SPM as much sa we can!


Deb Kennedy

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