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Swap meet, blog-style.

What if a package arrived from a stranger and it contained adorable trinkets and books and souvenirs?

Martha at Martha Writes arranged a Back2School swap for bloggers. People emailed their contact info to Martha, and then she paired everyone up and gave them the adorable theme (travel, school/art/crafty little supplies). At first it seemed like an odd idea and then I thought, how cool... it's like a Christmas gift swap, except everyone will generally have the same design-y aesthetic and you will get stuff you are really charmed with. Plus, who doesn't love real mail? It's like pennies from heaven, kids.

So what would Decorno people swap? Maybe vintage photos, an old design book you can part with to share the love, vintage keys, a cool champagne bottle stoppers. Maybe the theme is "bar & cocktail." Who knows... any ideas?

Read all about it here. Clever and cute.


franki durbin said...

what a fab idea. A few of us began writing handwritten notes a few months back. It really is nice to get letters 'offline' - not to mention the vibe you get off of seeing someone's handwriting. I like the idea of a package, too. The challenge is this... what cute things would I want to give away and never see again? I don't seem to have many 'extra' things sitting around, I'm far too fastidious for that. But I would love (love) to see photos of what people send!

beachbungalow8 said...

ooh. let's do this! we can all send you our addresses, you just mix it up (who cares if we're paired correctly) and then send a postcard with your person's address, and blog url. that way, if you so feel the need, you can check the person out. said...

Ok. It's on like Donkey Kong. Megan, what should the theme be? It can't be anything spendy or too heavy to ship easily? Ideas? I think we could do something like best flea market find... I have little things (small apothecary bottles, little vintage bottles I use as bud vases, ephemera, like a small collection of 1950s-ish B&W 4x3 souvenir photos of Pisa and Milan... I collect those and at Christmas, I punch a whole in the corner and use it as a non-christmas-y (ie, no holly) but still chic little gift tag... I string ribbon through and tie them to wine bottles, etc.

Vintage photos are good, too. We keep a small framed one (B&W, of a kid outside in his western get-up) in the bathroom since it's not well ventilated enough to keep anything valuable. Maybe a vintage photo of some kind, framed.

Or, maybe we give everyone 3 weeks to hunt & gather and we do a "hostess with the most-est" theme since people will get their packages in early Oct when smart girls are getting ready for the holiday season... vintage ribbon, favorite stationary, cool wrapping paper, vintage corkscrews, vintage linen napkins (just saw a gorgeous set of 8 for $20 and passed it up.. so dumb of me...)... favorite recipie?


beachbungalow8 said...

oh that's genie. 'hostess with the mostest' theme. love.

how can we go wrong here? i can already imagine how fun it will be to put together a little box of fun and surprise. said...

I mean "recipe." Wow, back to 4th grade for me.

Anonymous said...

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