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You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine:

My life will be complete once I have this and it's hanging in our living room.


Ryce said...

I have this very piece -- in fact I was just rehanging it earlier today. I purchased the entire roll from a man who sells on Ebay under the name "Subway Al". The roll yielded 3 long pieces like you have pictured (my favorite has Coney Island listed as one of the stops), as well as a few smaller pieces.

I enjoy your blog -- the title cracks me up everytime I visit. Good luck finding your subway sign. If you purchase one unframed, feel free to message me and I'll be happy to share what I learned by trial and error about cleaning the fabric, framing, etc.

coco+kelley said...

I want one too!!! I've seen a few incredibly overpriced ones around town here, but I'm holding out for Ebay or some form of a miracle...

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