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Big clunky high-vamp sandals with your floaty dress.

Well, it's official... remember SJP on set wearnig the white dress (w/ flower attacking her) and those clunky high-vamp sandals?
Enjoy the same look in this runway snapshot (from left, Chloe, Lanvin, Stella):

Ny Mag fashion blog

I don't mind the look. On a model, it's pretty rockin'. I do, however, worry about the stern makeup from the Lanvin show... I don't like a matte lip in browny-red. I fear the return of the Robert-Palmer-addicted-to-love face. Let's all resist.

Lanvin... we all still love Lanvin.


beachbungalow8 said...

jesus. this is another case of designers laughing their asses of at the lemmings who are so despardo.

hey, why not just wear your snow boots or uggs with your delicate filmy dress? YA! go ahead....doooo it.

this is up there with wearing 'keds' with your work clothes as you walk to the subway.

Brilliant Asylum said...

A friend and I tried a pair of these shoes on just for a laugh. They are like fingerless leather gloves for your feet.

Paloma said...

Well, I love the worn wooden planks for the runway.

robyn said...

That's funny, I hadn't thought about that music vedio in a long time. said...

Paloma, you're right! I didn't even notice the runway floor, but it's gorgeous.

perfect bound said...

NYT online Style section has a Cruel Shoes slideshow you will love.

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