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The devil's in the details.

It's all in the details.

I can spend hours on a Sunday just puttering around the house, going through vintage photos, family photos, reorganizing my office, sorting through magazines and editing a new stack of design books to keep on my office desk and peruse through this week. It's all the little things in the house that make me happy - little souvenirs from travel or scores from recent flea market adventures.

I had dinner with office mates recently and we were trying to guess everyone's sign. David just looked at me and blurted out, "You're a taurus. They're materialistic." He's kind of right. I do love stuff. Sometimes, I am a little snotty about it, too. Winston Churchill was on to something when he said, "My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best." These days, that applies to shoes and handbags where I have just succumbed to a little luxury. My thought is, since I can wear jeans to work, and I am not investing in suits or real clothes, maybe the accessories should be fantastic. So, the expense all comes out in the wash, you might say.

But at home, although I am technically "materialistic," some of the things I love the most cost me next to nothing, but to live without them would just kill me. When I see things like the old brass plate from a ship that says "TORPEDO ROOM" I just crack up, knowing you can't buy this kind of thing in a store. Or my old glass demi johns. No one else really has these. They odd things you collect become your signature, and that's what makes home feel like home, I guess.

The details matter. Maybe to no one else, but certainly to yourself.

I love flea markets so much, it's like they have a magnetic pull that grabs my car and yanks me over every time I see one (or a garage sale for that matter).

As a result, I find things I *must* have and yet I have no idea how I will use them.

This door knocker from Buenos Aires, for example. Lovely. Doesn't really go with my house. And that kills me because I would so love to knock-knock-knock the thing just for fun when I come home.

And then we have this massive film reel. I have only looked at the first maybe 3 feet of the negative, and I am not yet sure the subject of it. Sometime, I swear, I will find a projector and watch it. In the meantime, the reel is just kicking it in my office.

I am admittedly shell-obsessed. Here's another way I have managed to put them to good use. I use them here for the perfume samples that I randomly try out. I also use them at work to sort paperclips and rubber bands on my desk.

Vintage keys. I cannot pass up vintage keys ever. This is (sadly) just a small portion of the collection.

I am too lazy to throw away matches after I have lit a candle (plus I have a paranoia that I will light a garbage fire...) so I toss them onto a shell, and then put another shell on top to hide them. Weird? Maybe. I also don't like ugly match boxes sitting around, so this little cover up does the trick.

Faithful readers know I am obsessed with ribbon and wrap. Here's proof - - these are POST IT notes, for the love of god. But they are pretty funny, and I knew that it would crack my co-worker up. Who doesn't want to see a pretty little gift on her desk on a Monday morning? I think that if it's worth giving, it's worth wrapping well.


MAds said...

Vintage Keys?!?!?!? The key to my front door, basement and country house are all exactly like those!!! Italy is a trip...


susan said...

You're right. That's what life's about, all these little details. I did a post once about this same idea, but in terms of the kitchen...bringing this type of "stuff" into the kitchen as well, for the purpose of just being surrounded by whatever it is makes one happy, or smile, or whatever. No rules except to invite your stuff into the kitchen. Lovely post.

Alex said...

OMG! You have expressed exactly how I feel about my "stuff." I have to move in 2 months time and it turns out I'll have to make the overseas move on my own dime! The most recent quote I was given was 1euro per lb! How the heck am I going to decide what to keep and what to sell?! -hating it right now. but thank you for putting it in words...

Habitually Chic said...

I was wondering where this post went! So glad you put it back up. I love the little vingettes in your home. They are so special and unique.

I love the vintage skeleton keys too! My family's house has tons of those and they are all so interesting looking. I may have to ask my dad if there are any I can have. Thanks for the inspiration!

The Well Read Fish said...

you're freakin' awesome.

feels ferocious in brown said...

When I was in Tokyo earlier this year, I read that the Japanese equate wrapping a gift with "wrapping the heart." I thought this was such a lovely idea since I, too, am a paper and ribbon junkie and try to make even the teeniest of presents look pretty. I'm sure that your office-mate was thrilled with her unexpected Monday-morning treasure.

Anonymous said...

amen. no, really.

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