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Domino's Best Young Decorators

The April '07 issue of Domino featured what they consider the best young emerging talent.

Here are links to sites for those who have them. I was shocked by the variety in both quality and design in these sites. Some are great. Some... not so much. ( Mental note - - If design was my job and passion, I would hope that I would fork it over for professional site design and - above all - a professional photographer.)

What does everyone think? It's too bad Michael Bargo doesn't have his portfolio online... judging by the Domino profile of this place, I would want him to decorate for me.

Kara Mann
Margaret Ann McEver
David Harris
Ashley Whittaker
Michael Bargo
Sarah Story
The Desk of Lola


Anonymous said...

I've noticed this before: A lot of decorators seem to pride themselves by NOT having much of a Web presence. Maybe it's a pride thing: "I'm so big and well-known and have so many clients I don't need to bother with this crass form of advertising." said...

I think you're right, especially someone like Bargo. I just wish I had an explanation for Ashley Whittaker's super-homemade website with it's poor photo. Ack.

Anonymous said...

Plus I hate her name. Sounds fictional.

Anonymous said...

Michael Bargo: The rooms look good, well composed, etc., but there's something...human-less about them, like they've been erased of all identity. The rooms tell you nothing about the person who lives there. The picture of Lenin suggests it's a guy, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Having a great web presence these days is THE most important thing. If you knew you were going to be in Domino (Ashley I'm talking to you) then get your site together! I've noticed that on Ruthie Sommers site and Schuyler Samperton's sites both have hardly any pictures. Even when they're featured in magazines it's mostly of their own homes. What's that about?

Anonymous said...

Michael Bargo is a nightmare of a decorator--from having incorrect paint colors delivered and not checking to losing my furniture (seriously!) to not getting the simplest items done (ie pillows)it was a 10 month disaster from which I have yet to recover

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