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Hot bi-sexual model. (You feel dirty, don't you?)

Every time I want to send a link of this blog to my boss, I pause and say, um, no. Not because he's a prude, but because our filth-filters at work might flag me as some kind of kinky monkey.

Fashion Addict Diary (the stated name of the blog that happens to live at this saucy address: is the best fashion blog for two reasons...

1) That bitch doesn't post much, which drives me insane... it also makes her like a limited edition Louboutin shoe, I suppose... coveted and hard to get.

2) When she does post, she kills. I mean, SLAYS. Her fashion taste-level is intimidatingly never off, and god forbid you get caught in her cross-hairs. It's would just be OVER.

And that, of course, is why it's the best fashion blog out there. I mean, what's fashion without the bitchy side-show?

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Richie Designs said...


thanks for the lead on her - love her name too!

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