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I DECLARE... next week is Original Content Week.

She looks kinda original to me.


I do it, you do it. We all do it... sometimes we do it too much.

I was just visiting another blog and I saw images from a publication I JUST READ. It's one thing when people scan and post old photos from magazines to kind of tie together themes and ideas from different points in time, but totally weird when some people are posting things that just hit the newsstand. I was thinking how bloggers have such a huge opportunity to get to new content first, like when our friend Habitually Chic had a pretty fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the recent H & G spread on G Paltrow.

BUT, with Habitually Chic excepted, since she attacked it with a totally different & unique angle, I think some of us need to reevaluate how much we are using our blog to react to what was *just* published. Scanning it and posting it and rehashing it isn't the point, right? Blogs actually have a chance to publish a new idea faster than those dinosaurs who go to print only 12 times a year, so why don't we take advantage of this?

So... who is with me? I officially declare next week (starting Monday) as design blog "Original Content Week."

This means, no magazine scans... and if you borrow photos from the web, you need to be making a new point about something. And... for the love of god... no images from (I am guilty, too, so don't worry, I scold myself at the same time I scold you, fellow decorno blogger..)

Who's in?


the House of Beauty and Culture said...

In. And for the love of God nothing about cushions!


I think this is a great idea. My blog has 100% editorial coverage. I'm creating my own little mag universe, as we all are. I think we are the new species and they won't find our 'bones' for thousands of years! ha ha I'm in - my posts are lifestyle related, but still it's original. Great idea Decorno!


I just promo'd you & your OCW on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was starting to get so bored with all the scanning of images from current magazines. I imagine most design blog lovers have subscriptions to most of the monthly mags. Look forward to your posts next week!

Mrs. Blandings said...

hmmm...thinking that might be me as I have spent the whole week on Thomas O'Brien whose apt. has appeared exactly the same for the second time in a year. I'm hanging my head in a little blogger shame. The thing is, the new stuff does remind me of the old stuff. But I will try to do better next week. I promise. said...

Ha! Mrs. B, it's not you... if your entire blog was about Thomas O Brien, I would keep reading. I love TB! Don't worry... it wasn't you... it wasn't anyone in our little Design Dozen, honestly.

Mrs. Blandings said...

wonder if this is why Mr. Blandings will occasionally drop the term "narcissistic?" I'm basically self-centered, but relieved. said...

Ha! I think everyone with a blog must worry about the narcissism thing a lot... I do. I mean, it's pretty self-indulgent to write everyday and assume someone out there gives a damn.... or worse, when I don't post for a day, I think, "People will be disappointed." Like lives will end and tears will be shed if I don't maintain my blog. Ha!

My friend JJ says that blogs are the "age-appropriate My Space." So, I guess I am no better than a teenager, except that my tastes have grown more expensive with age and I like to write about wall color and antiques. :)

Barb McMahon said...

I'm in! Feels a bit like cheating - I've been almost entirely original content since the start (she says narcissistically).

Richie Designs said...

Yes! I struggle with this almost every day...writing for my own blog and Apartment Therapy Los Angeles makes me feel like I'm regurgitating content all the time. I really go out of my way to find stuff that I don't see replayed [at least more than twice anyway]!

OC next week

Brilliant Asylum said...

Count me in...and count me guilty! While I personally enjoy reading bloggers previews and reviews of what is on the news stands, I welcome the challenge for inventiveness. Bring on the amateur photography!

Anonymous said...

Just to be cruel, let's make it REALLY difficult:

--No Chinoiserie

--No ikat

--No obscenely expensive wallpaper

--No faux-bamboo furniture

--No etsy

--No Kelly Wearstler

--No David Hicks

--No Miles Redd

Now let the fun begin... said...

Anon - I LOVE your list! All are now officially forbidden!

Anonymous said...

And I love your blog, doll.

(Though maybe, just in the spirit of embracing difficulty, we should ban blog-related mutual admiration, another bad blog habit.)

Anonymous said...

Oh--and no suzani.

{this is glamorous} said...

Mmmm, Original Content Week--I do like a good challenge.

Habitually Chic said...

I'm definitely guilty of posting magazine pages but mostly when I'm too tired or hung over to come up with an original topic. Lol. I'll give it my best shot next week...but only if you add Kate Spade to the banned list!

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY "Kate and Andy's fabulous apartment." (Vomit.)

beachbungalow8 said...

thank you, thank you. i have no interest in looking at scans from magazines i've seen.

unless, it's like, 'hey look at the reflection in the mirror, do you see the naked guy taking the picture?' that would be interesting. but not just another shot of a staged interior. that's just...zzzzzzzzzz.

designdna said...

i'm in!

i'm almost entirely free of all the NO list, although i love old ikat and have a post somewhere.... i have never understood how the most popular of blogs simply rehash the regular magazines. although i am happy for anyone to have success at what they love, i have always found it odd.

in any event, i'm taking the challenge! great idea decorno!

perfect bound said...

Guilty as charged. I'm running a fever now. Thanks for the call to action (and kick in the butt.) I needed both.

Things That Inspire said...

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Great idea.

Habitually Chic said...

Can you add I Married Adventure to the banned list! I'm so sick of that damn book now I feel like throwing out my copy!

Fairfax said...

I am in... will post on mine.

Cote de Texas said...

a little late!! ok, I am off and running, wednesday, that is!!!! guilty as charged, too. but whenever I post somethiing about a new mag. I try to limit to one pic from the mag only - just as an appetizer, to say- go buy it! I'm such a loser, thanks decorno for pointing that out.

patricia gray said...

Hi Decorno
Although I'm a little late I think this is a good ideal to strive to. But I wonder how many of us have original content to publish?? Originality is an interesting concept in the times we are living in>
On pondering this I went to the dictionary to look up the meaning of original:

Definitions of 'original'
(adj.) Preceding all others in time; first.
(adj.) Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual: an original play, not an adaptation.
(n.) A first form from which other forms are made or developed: Later models of the car retained many features of the original.

Thanks for the challenge. said...

Oh, I think we all do... at least for a week or so... even if the "original" content isn't as breathtaking as what we see in magazines, a lot of people who read this circle of decor blogs have a lot they can share about their own hometowns, favorite haunts or design resources, their own home decorating challenges/projects, etc etc.

studio wellspring said...

just found your blog via cote de texas and i really must say i like it a lot ~ and i couldn't agree more with your orginal content request. i try to do a mix of my own original work with things that inspire me from the internet. i think it makes blogging more personal and more interesting that way.
anyway ~ thanks for giving us more to strive for. long live original {or at least partially original} blogging! :o)

Vie Chaotique said...

Guilty. I am converted.
All the best.

All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic said...

Hey decorno -

you make me smile - I have been inspired by this post for some time.

Good on you girl.

Hey - on the magazine front -

1. I think the magazine scan thing isn't always a bad thing - you get to see articles & interiors etc that you may not normally see on your news stand - someone did a lovely post the other day on a Dutch magazine & they had no clue what it said - but we were all oohhing & ahhing.

Also - blog readers are from all over the world, & not all bloggers are subscribers to every design mag or not even the main mags - so even tho the local population may have seen the image - lots may not have.

If images inspire - why not include them - even if they've been all over blogland - tho - yes - with something new to think about - good point

Keep prodding us decorno - you're doing a great job

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