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If you like Obsolete, you will love TROVE.

Checking my site traffic I noticed a few people coming from blogs that don't actually link to me, so digging around I realized it's because both sites referred to a store called Obsolete which I wrote about here.

So.... I was thinking, if they love Obsolete, they will really love TROVE, which I previously blogged about back when no one read my blog. So, click here for a re-run. Enjoy!


I just emailed this to a friend:

We have to get our guns and our ski masks and and a getaway car (or truck, in this case) and drive to Laguna Beach, CA *now* and break into this Trove store and steal absolutely everything they have.

I mean it.

I can't even decide what I would grab first? If I were a Hampton's girl (or San Juan Island girl, in my case) and had people chumming up to me for gratis stays every summer, I might like those brutal and sinister lobsters. A kind of "thanks for coming, don't overstay your welcome" gesture.

Or I might be most inclined to take the amazing banquettes. In fact, yes, the banquettes. Heart-stopping.

I'm ready to move into Trove.


Leah said...

Wait -- do you need a getaway driver?


Brilliant Asylum said...

I regret having ever hooked up my site tracker. It turns out the #1 reason people visit my blog is because they are looking for info on "Mariah Carey" (because I posted a photo of her closet a few months ago). I guess I should not really complain about the traffic, but rabid Mimi fans are not quite the demographic I was hoping to attract.

That said, Trove looks incredible. I think I may need to plan a Laguna trip for shopping and a tour of LC's favorite hangouts.

Richie Designs said...

do you know of this store too?

they were a pain in my arse to get in and take photos- paranoid about people stealing their ideas [don't they know there are no original ideas?]

they have good stuff your place looks better tho.

JJ said... cake chandeliers.

Mélanie said...

THe last pieces are from Astier de Villate . I love the ambiance of this store !!!
Wonderful said...

Yep. Have long been obsessed with Astier. It's hard(ish) to find in Seattle, but I always obsess over it at ABC Carpet & Home when I am in NY... It's hard to part with $80 for, like, a cup. Oh well... you and I can dare to dream! said...

And yes, Leah! I do need a getaway driver... I am signing you up for that. said...

I love that chandelier picture

{this is glamorous} said...

Okay, this store looks fantastic! I'm not usually a break-in type of girl, but count me in!

Anonymous said...

best store to find anything that is not like anything else.

heather said...

Thanks for all the rave reviews. It really feels great to read these posts. We have never blogged before. A bit behind the times, I guess. What a great site this is! Thank you for including Trove. I don't know how it happened but we are so flattered.

Hey Richie Designs... we never care when people take photos here. It's a great compliment. Come on back and take all the photos you want. We can drink tea in the Astier cups!

decorno said...

Hi Heather - you so need a blog! It will be great for your business. If you need any help, just email me. :)

I am glad you found this post, hidden all the way back here in the archives. Your store is dreamy. Great retail is like high art, you are best in class for sure.

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