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Let me be your travel agent.

Like everyone else these days, it seems that we are so freaking busy at my office that people are actually scheduling a lot of their time off next year now. I am usually not that much of a planner, but I am starting to figure out the next vacation...

which led me to a little bit of wishful vacation planning this Saturday as I perform my ritual of drinking a pot of coffee, reading the news on since I am too lazy to go get the local paper that's sitting outside of the front door, and watching my dog gleefully chew something as he sits spooned up next to me, delighted as he realizes that NO ONE IS LEAVING HIM TODAY for that mysterious place we go Mondays - Fridays.

Saturdays are for dreamin', kids... so let's start dreaming about our next getaway.

Yeah, it's not cheap (about $6500 for one week in April - July, with peak rates effective in Aug) but that comes out to only $812 per person for this gorgous rental on the Amalfi coast. That's $135 per night, per person. You can hardly stay at a HoJo for that.
If we went with 3 other couples, packed a few editions of Trivial Pursuit and bought cases of wine when we arrived, that would be heaven. Sleep, sun, trivia, wine, friends, reading, staring at the water. That is pretty much how to live the dream.

You can read more about this rental here.


Or you could say at this apartment in Paris (Marais, near the Picasso museum) for EUR 120 per night or EUR 720 for a week. Click here to read a Cottage Living article about a US transplant to Paris, describing her favorite parts of this excellent neighborhood. You'll be in walking distance to nearly everything great, and a short cab or subway ride to everything else.

The goal is to take the trip of a lifetime once a year. And it's really not that expensive to do it, right?

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Fairfax said...

There's a place called the Landmark Trust in the UK where you can rent landmark castles, follies and other cool places. When you group a bunch together, it works out to be very reasonable.

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