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Let's buy art.

Let's look at our closets and all the pricy bags and shoes. Let's look at the ill-fitting dresses we thought we could Atkins our way into. Let's look at the 10th tube of Nars gloss and ask ourselves:

How much of this would have bought me a painting?

Here are snaps by Tina Barney for the NYTimes about NY "society" chicks who also happen to be young collectors, standing in front of their goods.


Suzy said...

yay! so true. I have a few pieces, the last one I'm still paying off, but when those shoes and bags are soooo old and tired looking, my paintings will still be there smiling back at me. said...

Amen. Seriously.

franki durbin said...

it's so important to start early. to determine your style, your taste and your appetite. I love the idea of alternating handbags for art (maybe every other handbag purchase is pushed aside in lieu of something wonderful from an up and coming designer.

what a marvelous strategy.

thanks for the inspiration (and the new acquisition goals!)

Habitually Chic said...

Such perfect timing as I was just buying a piece of art on Saturday! I encourage everyone to start collecting. It doesn't even take a lot of money to do it!

Cote de Texas said...

will you mind emailing me? I got an email from someone who needs to know something about your area - can you me help or him?


Sadia Bruce said...

Stumbled here via Habitually Chic. Great blog-- and great coverage on a cool story. One thing, though: has anyone noticed that these women are wearing Cavalli, Posen, Louboutin, Manolo, et Al?

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