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Wow. Wow, wow, wow. She looks like Miss Havisham.

Let's discuss:

1) Hello weird chest bones. SJP - please eat a brownie or two.
2) Where are her breasts?
3) It's either your ass or your face... as women age, you kind of have to choose. Sarah - we're saying more junk in the trunk if it means you can get a little more fat in your face. Look at you!!! You are nothing but bones... having sex with you must be like having sex with a pile of paper clips. You're falling apart!
4) Get that feather out of your head.
5) Minus the fact that the breast-y bits look like they will fly away, that is one amazing dress.

Hurry up and finish that damn movie and bump up the release date, girl. We like you, but if Perez keeps blasting photos of you every day, we will have seen the whole movie flip-book style before the end of the year.


Leah said...

Ugh -- I did *not* need to see that bony chest. That is truly hideous.


franki durbin said...

her publicist has got to be loathing this image. wow. very, very unflattering. that dress may be fabulous, but it certainly needed more tailoring. oy!

yes, let's get to opening weekend and be done. LOL!

Paloma said...

I agree that this is a very unflattering picture. The dress could be beautiful if it weren't for the weird bust, but she is too petite for something like that. She would have looked better in something like the white dress she wore when she broke up with Aidan on season 4.

Suzy said...

Hmm, not so good. But don't give the plot away!!

katiedid said...

How unfortunate! I didn't recognize her.

Mrs. Blandings said...

And, once again, you made me laugh out loud.

Jordan Cappella said...

I agree SJP does not look great in that pic. I am sure when moving she wont look so painfully thin...I hope! Can't wait to see the movie 20 times Vanessa De Vargas will be dragging me back again and again she is obsessed.

Fairfax said...

Nobody has real boobs that look like that. It looks like a job gone bad. She looks shocking in these pix.

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Too much dress, not enough woman. In so many ways.
I hate to think what I'd have to say if I didn't like her.

Jackie Von Tobel said...

I am so over the Auschwitz house of fashion. What are these girls seeing when they look in the mirror? I know the camera adds 10 pounds so what must they look like in person. Take 10 pounds off of her in that picture and there's nothing left but an empty skin bag! Yuck!! I will personal agree to be a fat donor if wqe're compatible.
What ever happened to the Marylin Monroe zoftig classification of beauty. We need to get back there and quick.

girl meets glamour said...

Well, I think you hit all the right points...I want to say that that's a pretty dress, but I can't get past the way she looks in it. I just hope it/she looks better on film. When is the opening weekend?


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