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Erin Featherston for Target? Who's next??

Next up: Gareth Pugh for Target


Seriously, I live in a city, proper, which means I don't have a Target near me. So, I don't get to Target often enough... maybe every 3 months. So when I do go, I am still shocked that there's always someone new designing for them. It's like a rash now.. it won't stop and it keeps coming.

I went to the big T two weekends ago to stock up on things I probably didn't intend to buy at all (ended up with gum, candles that smell like Donna Karan Cashmere Mist - guilty pleasure... sue me...- magazines, fake Antica Farmacista reed diffusers, and god knows what else...) And they had Holly Dunlap of Hollywould making bags for them. And shoes I think. Oy. Enough. Enough, enough, enough.

And now Erin Featherston.Most people don't even know who she is. I didn't even know until the self-promoting seamstress started showing up in shelter mags showing off her gorgous and hip Parisian flat.

Let's agree that Erin looks like a more jaundiced version of Claudia Schiffer...

Libertine was fine. And Rafe was cute for spring/summer. But can we be done now? Who is next? Rick Owens? Gareth Pugh? Goth up middle America, Target. I dare you.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about the designer clothes, but the Victoria Hagen furniture at Target sucks. Saw an end table there with every single joint loose and ready to fall apart. Held together by cheap glue and nothing else. Just a forlorn piece of crap.

You'd think with a battleaxe face like hers, she'd have tough standards.

Apryll Annie said...

In Australia everyone went crazy for Stella McCartney for Target. There were literally people who got injured in the massive crowd on the opening day in Sydney! Now however, just like in the USA it seems, Target is recruiting any designer name they can get their grubby paws on! They thought that Josh Goot (with his $100 *unflattering on everybody* metallic tank top dresses) would pull in the masses JUST cause he's Josh Goot...They were so wrong.

Anonymous said...

(To be fair, the Thomas O'Brien line of Target furniture is just as shoddy.)

shelley said...

I couldn't agree with you more on Target's overkill of 'designer names', whom most of their customers don't know anyway. I absolutely couldn't agree with you more on Erin Featherston...for god's sake, she is a crazy southern cal girly living in paris in a huge flat with her creepy boyfriend/husband and makes dresses that are frankly, unflattering on most's ridiculous. so maybe Target does fit well for her... and yes, she looks exacly like an albino schiffer!! you rock as usual.

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