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I want to be Anna Dello Russo of Uomo Vogue

Photos from The Sartorialist.

From NYTimes:
"A woman in her 40s who maintains the figure of an 18-year-old through disciplines a sadhu could admire (that is, if he had a subscription to Purple, the relentlessly hip fashion journal in whose latest issue Manuela Pavesi has photographed Ms. Della Russo in all her sinewy glory, and very few clothes). Regardless of what the clock says, Ms. Della Russo dresses as if it were always time to head out for the clubs. She changes clothes many times in a 24-hour span and that perhaps is why she is among an elite group here that is famous in Japan.


mamacita said...

Who made that dress in the third pic? It looks like a Rothko painting. Love it.

Forever Chic said...

I've been studying these pictures ever since the Sartorialist posted them, and well...

1. She looks like a bird. A bony, miserable, well-dressed bird.

2. She really, really could stand to gain 20 pounds. Women are supposed to have boobs and hips, the last time I checked. Who crows about looking like an 18-year-old boy? That stuff ain't natural.

3. She needs to stop slumping, it ruins her entire look.

4. She needs to smile.

I dunno, man. I don't understand this woman's appeal. I guess I fail as a fashionista.

Iheartfashion said...

So do I!!!

Habitually Chic said...

I'm pretty sure the outfit in the third photo is all Prada. The shoes definitely are. I know that.

I'm a pretty sophisticated New Yorker and I rarely smile on the street and I hate it when strangers, esp. strange men tell me to smile. What they really want is for me to smile at them. When I'm honestly much too busy to be bothered. I smile with my friends and I'm not a total bitch but sometimes it makes me want to move to Paris and be like Anna Della Russo.

katiedid said...

You know, to all of the critics out there:when you all get to be in your forties, I would love to hear what your opinion is then! I think she is fabulous. She has style and a very nice physique. She's working with what she's got. Yes, she could stand up would do wonders. And a little hair trim couldn't hurt. But overall very chic!

Anonymous said...

She looks miserable and haggy. But maybe that's her "happy" look.

Anonymous said...

How do you get wrinkles ABOVE your knees?

Anonymous said...

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alamodedujour said...

Very chic woman!!! Amazing style!!!

alamodedujour said...

by the way, i love how she's very european, meaning little makeup and dressed up to the max...LOVE it!

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