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My bloggy doppelganger

...And just like Lindsay Lohan will soon find herself in front of a great big pile of coke, I found myself at Banana Republic, during a denim sale...

As some of you have noticed from my blogroll, I have found the new me... only much, much better.

I was thinking it was time to post today, but why bother when Scented Glossy Magazines takes the cake with best low-image/high-fiber (read: text-y) post about accumulating useless shit, shopping bulimia (love that new phrase) and the black hole that is every American basement or garage.

Enjoy. She's a riot.


SGM said...

You are tooooooo kind, Decorno! Thank you for the love; I am beyond honored. And brace yourself: I too am a Taurus (April 27) and would pick Turtle over Drama. Now I just need to get my hands on a big fancy handbag and I will have totally gone Single White Female on your ass. :) said...

Bring it on, SGM.
Bring. It. On.


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