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It's the blissfully unaware smile that I really love about this photo.

I really thought the whole train-wreckiness of it all would have subsided by now.

Lucky for me, it hasn't. This is kinda fun to watch.

Can I add: what is up with Lance and Ashley? Are you kidding me? Was he interviewing her to babysit his one nut? Because that's how YOUNG she is, for god's sake. I am glad he didn't marry Sheryl, though. She's falling apart.

PS - Who is Jennie Garth? (That's rhetorical... I am about as famous as her, and *I* would like to be on the cover of US, thank you. I certainly deserve the attention as little as she does, for the record.)

Ok, gotta go now to sew me up a pink catsuit with a mesh section that conveniently shows off my ample rolls of belly fat. Check y'all later.


Brilliant Asylum said...

I want to dunk Brit in a hot soapy tub and comb her hair into a nice smooth pony tail (as oppossed to the hungover cheerleader hair she usually sports). She is probably still cute under all that terrible crap she wears.

d.Sharp said...

The whole Britney thing is kind of sad, but the tabloid covers are like roadkill. I see them as I approach the checkstand and tell myself not to look, yet once shoulder to shoulder I lose all resolve and have to take a peek. She does look better than a flat opossum.

Fairfax said...

Not much better than a flat possum... and that costume shows her off to her worst advantage. She needs a good long stay in a mental hospital to dry out, straighten up and figure out that it's not all about her. Who'd have thought that one day K-Fed would look like a good parent...

Anonymous said...

Some problems are not about mental illness. She's a badly made person. She's selfish and stupid and lazy-minded, and no therapy or medication helps those things.

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