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Blogs are just slam books and heart-covered Pee-Chees for adults.

I like how blogs help you shop for new friends in geographically random locations. And I like how I know if someone would make a good friend to me just reading exactly 3 posts on someone's blog. Like Megan from BeachBungalow8. I pretty much knew there was a teaspoon of snark under her clever posts and I knew she would be my pally.

And then there is the little lovely at Scented Glossy Magazines. I kinda had her number from the get-go. She's still a fav.

And now Susannah of Petunia Face. She just left a post here, and I went to check out her blog and I see this:

Instant love. There's just something about the dangling cat to match the dangling baby. Funny. Plus her cat's name is Nacho. Also funny. I like this girl already.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to tell you how excited and happy I am over your post without coming across as tragically dorky and using an over-abundance of exclamation points. !!! Nacho and I would love to be your geographically-challenged cyber friends. Wait, no, that's still dorky. Oh well. I'm trying to get out of the office before 5pm so I'm hitting SEND.
Love your blog!

Forever Chic said...

Haha. I love how Petunia Face is looking at her husband as if to ask, "This is totally normal, right?"

Jamie Meares said...

hhe. that is funny.

Anonymous said...

Susannah looks like a young Jeanne Tripplehorn.

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Great Find! She's hysterical - love her sense of humor. Glad you shared.

coco+kelley said...

ha! what's even more funny is that not only did we both post about her, i almost used the SAME photo because i loved it so much. cheers go petunia!

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