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Breakfast is the new cocktails-after-work.

Cafe Presse

I am all about the power breakfast. I do NOT like the power lunch (when I say "power", it's in the most ironic 80s way, I assure you). My lunch is usually a 15 - 20 minute non-event with my colleague and we usually talk about work. Totally not exciting, I know. But efficient. Work should be like surgery - get in and get out. Don't dilly dally. So that's why we rush lunch.

But breakfast. That's another game.

Breakfast is the new cocktails.I would say breakfast is the new lunch, but no one has a long lunch anymore. Breakfast is the new cocktails because it's a leisurely way to get in face time with friends or co-workers. Only the green 20-somethings who have no family or romantic obligations do drinks after work. There's just no time anymore. Scheduling drinks is a nightmare.

I used to have an every-Thursday-morning breakfast with a group of about 10 (we averaged about 6 per Thursday, since SOME of us had spotty attendance). It was fabulous. First, we all worked in the same division. Then people started transferring to various jobs. It was an amazing way to stay connected and get the best dirt on EVERYTHING. We met at a really shitty Denny's (seriously... this one was worse than the others. That's sayin' something.) It's was fabulous. No pretense. All fun.

Breakfast before work takes organization. And that's a noble thing. The best part is the get-up-early and get-to-work-early factor. You look like a fucking hero and you've already had a Grand Slam. Nice work, and it's not even 8am yet.

Weekend breakfasts are even better. My soon-to-be stepson said, "You go to breakfast a lot." In fact, kid, I do. And why not? My people don't even wake up until 9 or so, and the weekend breakfast date means I get caught up with friends before my people are fully awake. That's just a good use of time. I particularly like my weekend breakfasts with JJ and my new breakfast pally, the PR girl at work. She's works in another building, so I hardly ever get to actually see her, so during the week, we just talk on the phone and send snarky emails. Weekends at Crave or Cafe Presse, however, mean very valuable gossip is exchanged in person. We're also able to check out new gear like handbags and shoes. This kind of preening you just have to do in person. Gossip and eggs and sausage and accessories talk. That's a square meal, I tell you.


Barb McMahon said...

Breakfast is the best!

We've been meeting friends at a local restaurant every Monday for...eight years now!

Anonymous said...

sausage... (Homer Simpson drool sound)

alis said...

I'm a breakfast frrreak (with lots of r's)! I don't work yet so I get to have it everyday, it's like a ritual to me. My parents have a big yard in the country, so they keep bringing me olives they handpicked and processed at home. Cheese I buy from the local bazaar. Yummy tomato salads, crunchy tiny cucumbers.. A dark cup of tea.. Yup, that's a mediterranian breakfast!

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