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Dear New York, Part II

Dear New York and you vicious shoe-destroying sidewalks,

Ha ha, m-f'er. Guess what? There are almost as many shoe repair shops as Duane Reade's and you know what? These awesome imigrants in this amazing freaking melting pot of a city wake up at the CRACK of freaking dawn to start toiling so their kids can have better lives in this fair country and you know what that means? It means I got my favorite shoes repaired before 7am. So suck it, New York sidewalks. Because this is the land of plenty and the city of dreams and if I need kickass kicks to go into my snotty meeting, well then, dammit, I shall have them. And your heel-destroying sidewalks are no match for the industrious men who open their doors to hapless women in pre-dawn hours, bringing back to life beloved shoes that will carry us into our glorious futures and profitable meetings.

God bless the shoe repair shop on 44th Avenue in NYC. You saved my day.



Anonymous said...

I love that you sign your name "Decorno." Like "Zorro."

sleepy in brown said...

I must see a photo of these gloriously-repaired shoes. I. MUST!

fashiongirl said...

Them and the guys who can hem the sleeves on newly purchased leather jackets in under and hour. I love NY! said...

fashiongirl, are you serious? In an hour??? I am so stumpy, I have many sleeves I truly should have hemmed... you've inspired me.

Anon - yeah, like Zorro! I never thought of it like that. It's more like Decor+Porno, but I like the sassy swish of the zorro idea there... you're onto something good.

Sleepy - - I will try to take a pick when I am back home... I am camera-less here. :(

Ashley said...

44th Avenue? Hee.

Decorno said...

Ah - you got me.

Avenue... Street.... I can't even navigate my way around Seattle. :)

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