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Dear New York

Dear New York,

Tell the seam in your sidewalk a big hearty THANKS for grabbing the heel cap off of my lovely silver low-heeled shoes.... the ones I was planning to wear EVERY DAY of my trip here since they are the only shoes that don't break my heels or my toes and are sufficiently snotty enough to impress my most judgemental fashionista vendors. THANKS.

Why, New York, are you always jacking up my fashion plans??? Just once I want to arrive in the city and float through its mean streets in the same chic way I envision pre-arrival. Just ONCE.

I suppose you want me to look like some kind of ridiculous Melanie Griffith by wearing sneakers to get around this city. Well, it's not gonna happen.



Habitually Chic said...

Oh Decorno, welcome to my world. I think I could single-handedly keep Shoe Service Plus in business with my shoe emergencies. It's rough out there. Be careful!

Alison said...

Oh gawd.......completely shameless.
Those nasty, puffy, spongy, "comfortable" shoes with an outfit........(I've noticed sponge shoe people typically have puffy permed hair to go with their puffy shoes)
Sidewalks can be messy, but in my humble opinion, the presto-spongo-chango for a walk uptown/downtown is not an option.
Cheers! Alison

Alex said...

That picture just sent cold shivers down my spine -I shudder when I see tourists here in Italy with those things on.

fashiongirl said...

No, they just want you to buy more shoes. I mean isn't that the reason we have New York or have I been watching too much Sex and the City?

beachbungalow8 said...

oh god. this is just prefect. photo illustration and all.

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