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Garden love.

Martha Shapiro is going to change my life. She's coming to work up a landscaping plan for me.

You may recall this hot mess of a backyard. I am crossing my fingers for massive improvement by this summer.

While I love the messy/Frenchy photos above, our house and yard are just so out of control that I am actually hoping for something more orderly like the boxwoods photo above. We shall see.

I am indesperate need for good blogs on gardens... any links you have, please post them to comments! I need some photo inspiration.


Leah said...

Hey there,

I bought a virtual gift for you as a token of my
appreciation for your hilarious blogging this past year. You can pick up your gift here:

Now it's your turn to tag *your* favorite bloggers by "gifting" them.

Game on!


All the best,


P.S. But seriously, happy holidays and thanks so much for all you do.

Shannon said...

The only garden blog I've seen that was design-y oriented is Garden Rooms. I think that there's a link to there off of beach bungalow's blog...

S. said...

visual smarts said...

I don't have a blog link to offer, but you might want to look up Fletcher Steele. He did a lot of beautiful, innovative landscape designs in the east coast in places like Rochester, Boston and I think even Buffalo during the 1920 - 40's. He did a lot of layered greenery and modern, clean shapes with classical influences. Think you might like.

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