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I bought my turkey from Amazon.

Yes. My Thanksgiving turkey. It showed up in all its free-range organic turkey glory at, well, my office.

And tonight I made the most amazing filets you have ever tasted, with sauteed mushroom risotto. And all of the food was ordered from and delivered right to my door.

If you live in certain zip codes in Seattle, you can now get restaurant-quality meat, produce, and about 10,000 other tasty treats delivered to you BEFORE YOU EVEN WAKE UP. Yep. You can order by, like, 8pm the night before, and the magic elves of AmazonFresh drive to your house, deliver your food to your doorstep in climate-controlled containers before 6am. Oh, and they find your newspaper and place it on top of your containers.

The service is so OBSCENELY AWESOME.

And now, as if it couldn't get better, they have announced that you can order by noon and your stuff will be delivered between 7 and 10pm the same day.

I keep testing them, like, "Yeah, well, I need steaks... but I also need a power strip and my dog needs a new fluffy chew toy... can you do THAT Amazon Fresh???

Answer? Yes, and yes. I have ordered both.

Delivery is free for orders over $25. The whole thing is totally life changing.

If you want said magic to arrive on your doorstep, go to AmazonFresh and tell them your zip code to let them know that you are waiting unpatiently for this excellent service in your neck of the woods.


Sara said...

This sounds very much like Peapod, a grocery delivery service we have in Chicago. I don't know how far reaching Peapod is on a nation-wide scale, but I know for sure they can't guarantee that kind of delivery service! Way to go Amazon! Please, please, please come to Chicago.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Decorno - that's so great! I'm sure we will enjoy the same service here in the midwest in 10 years or so! ug.

JJ said...

This is fabulously DANGEROUS. Do you know how easy it is for me to just order up things like peanut butter cups and mochi via computer? If I'm going to be a fat pig I should eat least have to haul my ass to the store...

Anonymous said...

JJ: You are a pretty wickedly hilarious writer.

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