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Louboutin repair... save your soles.

Click to enlarge, yo.

So loving this. I had a heel cap replaced on some Lou's and my shoe guy put black rubber on the souls. I cringed when I picked them up. The red is half the fun, right?

I am going to have to tell him now about this place in NY that will bring new life to your scuffed Louboutins thanks to red rubber soles. So clever.

This tidbit from Allure magazine. (How is it that all they write about is the "new" shade of lipstick, Retinoids, and Botox, and yet, it's always a good read?)


Brilliant Asylum said...

Will they put red soles on a pair of 9 West's? Not that I would... said...

Ha! That's a brilliant idea. I am sure they would. :)

Habitually Chic said...

I think I went to Arty's. If it's the place I'm thinking of, I wasn't that impressed. As much as Shoe Service Plus annoys me and my wallet, I will admit that they do the best job. They put new red leather soles on my favorite CL flats and they looked amazing afterward. Even this jaded New Yorker was impressed. There's a reason they have a line out the door.

P.S. What's the point of CL shoes if someone's not jealous as they see that flash of red as you walk away ;-)

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