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Put some crazy ass stripes on this or stain the thing glossy black...

...and put a crazy graphic print on and you might actually have a winner. I love craigslist. It's like the pound for old sofas.

I really, really, really miss, though. Did you ever use it? It called up Craigslist posts but actually showed photos (shocker!) instead of stupid text links. Craig Newmark, who everyone treats like the fucking patron saint of the internet shut the listpic guy down. I can appreciate that since (we are told) it slowed down Craigslist, but CL never bothered to build anything to best this litte treat of programming known as listpic.


I would use CL more of Craig would realize that for a category like furniture, we actually want to browse pics not text.


mamacita said...

That is an awesome couch. I didn't know about listpic, though. I can't bring myself to browse for furniture on CL because there are days and days of nothing but shit, and it takes so damn long to browse it all.

BTW, I vote for glossy black and colorful velvet stripes.

beachgrl said...

What drives me crazy is people who list items without a photo. Do they really think people are going to buy it without seeing what they are talking about? I actually did get a great find by a photo of a box with some dusty taken apart light fixture in it. I could tell by the parts it was deco looking. It's in my living room now and looks wonderful. Oh, it was free!

Tiffany said...

For those of you using Mozilla as your browser, get the cooliris plug-in. It made craigslist bearable to use for me. Oh, and I vote stripes no glossy black. Nice find.

Alkemie said...

I never thought of calling Craig's List a pound for old sofas. That's pretty darn funny. It is true though - there's always tons of sofas listed in the free section.

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