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Do you make resolutions? How? When? Is it cocktail banter on New Year's Eve? Do you make mental notes as yesterday's peppermint bark settles on your thighs (like me)?

Next year I want to:
-Lose a few pounds (ok, more than a few). For real this time.
-Stop working on weekends. I can't give those hours away for free, yo.
-Learn travel-basic French and Italian (just enough to be dangerous)
-Add another stamp to my passport
-Get another pug
-Grow a veggie garden
-Take every Friday off in July & August

I am sure I could be more ambitious, but this is good enough for me for now. I mean, I am a busy girl. Anything more than this is just gravy.

What about you? What do you want to do in 2008?


Habitually Chic said...

I'm waiting until closer to New Year's to make my final list of resolution but it's pretty close to yours, except the Pug part, but you never know ;-)

MAds said...

Well, haven't thought about my resolutions yet, but maybe we can do a trade. I mean, I speak French and Italian (and Japanese...Am I bragging?), I had to order new pages for my passport because it was full, I get all of August off and cant be bothered to go into the office on Thursday or Friday in July (Italy Rocks!), I have a fresh herb garden and olive trees to make fresh olive oil...But what I would really like is one (or maybe 2) of your snotty handbags...And throw in some shoes that match.

So is it a trade? My life for yours? So are we talking a day? A week? Let me know.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Mine list is usually pretty long, so I may be rolling over any resolutions from '07 that I did not get around to (bake a pie, take a dance class).

Tara said...

Spending, definetely.....maybe keeping a log of all I spend and see where it all goes??

Anonymous said...

Vow to never use the phrase "Italy Rocks!"

Forever Chic said...

Go on a trip abroad and apply to grad school.

God, I'm gonna be so broke.

Anonymous said...

Please move get another pug to the top of the list.

Bronwyn said...

I HAVE to stop smoking, yikes, it's going to be hard!

SGM said...

1. Stop buying so much junk
2. Stop eating so much junk
3. Learn how to use a miter saw
4. Visit San Francisco or NYC

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